How your Product and Community can Become One

Community is not marketing. Community is part of your product.  It’s part of the User Engagement Cycle. In the cycle, marketing drives users into the cycle.  Users connect with your product, then with your brand, and then a community is formed when they connect with each other which will then improve your product.  How will […]

Who's Hiring? Community Manager Jobs Available Now

The Best (and Worst) Community Management Job Descriptions

Whether you are either looking for a community management job, or looking to create one for your business – it’s not easy due to the lack of one solid defined way of describing everything digital. That’s where we come in. If you want to do community management and not just social media management, there are […]

How to Choose the Right Community Program

“We need a community!  Go o’ mystical community manager, and build us a thriving community!” Shut up you. Blindly saying “We need a community!” won’t get you very far.  There are many different community programs which are built for entirely different purposes. You have many different kinds of users.  Some are more active than others. […]

Cmgrchat Logo

#CmgrChat – 2/8 – Community Guidelines

Being a part of a community doesn’t come without some guidelines, rules, & regulations to follow.  Have you ever been a part of an organization that didn’t have something to adhere to?  Without any of that, you run the risk of entering into chaos.  The best community managers create guidelines that encourage, support, and best […]

community manager pinata

Working Solo: Tidbits from 4 Community Managers

Nobody wants to be a beat up piñata. If you’ve been a community manager for a while, you know exactly where this reference comes from. In case you need a refresher, you can go directly inside my mind to find out. Today I was on a call with fellow members of The Community Roundtable, regarding strategies […]

Skillshare Community Management

Skillshare Puts on a Community Management Course in New York City

In the New York City area?  Want to learn about the basics of Community Management?   Education startup Skillshare, is a nationwide community marketplace where anyone can teach skills to their peers.  They will be putting on a course taught by their community managers, plus a few guests (including yours truly), that will take place over […]

Write For Us!

Want to write for The Community Manager? We’d love to have you. On, our posts cover community management activities related, but not limited, to best practices, resources, tools, books, groups, and stories about community building. Interested in contributing? Check out our writing guidelines below, and then send your post idea and a link or […]

The User Engagement Cycle

A lot of business experts will tell your company to “engage” people and “build community”, but what does that actually mean? It’s important, when hearing advice like this to ask “why?” and “to what end?”. The why, for me, has always been to create a positive emotional connection with users, resulting in a user experience that […]

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