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Managing People, Managing Time

As a community manager, your most important task is not managing content or technical systems. It’s managing people and the flow of demands, questions, personalities and quirks that all people bring to your world. I interviewed Brian Tolle, partner at The Re-Wired Group and author of Shortcut: How To Get Through to People Who Slow […]

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Is College Too Early to Start Community Managing?

Have you ever caught yourself thinking sitting in class or at home, “I want to be a Community Manager…one day?” Maybe you’re scared off because many community management job listings require experience in a field that is relatively new. Or perhaps you think that because you are still in college you can’t be a Community […]

#Cmgrchat 7/13 Dying Networks

“You’re a dying social network if Rupert Murdoch is interested in buying you,” joked Prash Sabharwal, during this more light-hearted installation of #cmgrchat. Despite cracks, chat participants take a [semi-]serious look at what constitutes a dying network and how to prepare communities for transition. ***** Q1) What are the telltale signs of a “dying network” […]

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Who’s Managing YOUR Community?

Most of you who read this post are probably managing a community for, or representing a brand of some size. That brand may be small, or it could be global. Nonetheless, that brand’s community is everything to you, and rightfully so. Hell, you’re getting paid to engage… that’s always a great opportunity. Amidst the general […]

Understanding Internal vs External Community Building

A very important distinction for a community builder (or someone looking to hire one) to make is whether they’re focused on building internal communities or external communities. The way I see it, you can build an internal community within your existing userbase, customers or audience. or You can build external communities which aren’t part of your […]


How Many Community Managers Does it Take?

When we think of Community Management we tend to think of this role as a singular person.  When we started talking about social media a couple of years ago, this made sense.  We were experimenting with the tools and trying to figure out where it fits in our organization.  There weren’t any real models we […]

Horizontal Ladder

The Community Manager as a Horizontal Position

There’s a lot of talk about whom a community manager should report to. Marketing? Product? Support? I’ll throw my two cents out there and say I think a Community Manager should report directly to the CEO. The Community Manager can only be effective as a horizontal, not vertical, position. Hear me out. For many jobs, […]

#CmgrChat 7/6 How to Use Niche Sites

Many community managers monitor social media properties other than Facebook and twitter. And many are jumping right onto the Google+ bandwagon! This conversation examines just how community managers are able to successfully manage all roads that lead to engagement. ****** Q1. What platforms are you using/looking at for your audience? How do you make the determination […]

You may not actually be a Community Manager – and that’s ok.

Social Media is not Community Management and  confusing the two may ultimately be damaging to both industries. David Spinks wrote about a conversation we had back in October where I claimed that Community Managers don’t need Social Media to do their job, and a bunch of people took different sides. Phil Wride brought a similar […]

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