Write Your CM Story

Introducing CM Stories – Tell Us Your Story

Have you told your story lately? You know, your story from the front lines of community building. Introducing CM Stories We’re adding a new category to The Community Manager: CM Stories. In addition to the how-tos, case studies, and resources shared on TCM, we want to provide a space for CMs to share first-hand stories of […]

5 Ways to Humanize Your Community Interactions

5 Ways to Humanize Your Community Interactions

Strong online communities are built on strong interactions. Here are some things you can do today to humanize your interactions and strengthen the bond between your community and its members. 1) Leverage Signatures Often, someone with a username like LakersFan246 will end their post or comment with their real first name. If this happens, begin your response […]

TEDx Talks for Community managers

3 Insightful TED Talks for Community Managers

Whether you’ve watched a TED talk or not, you’ve no doubt heard of them or seen/heard someone quote them.  If you ever have sat down to watch one, you know that it’s like a potato chip or a good piece of chocolate — you can’t do just one.  They’re inspiring, they’re funny, they’re insightful, and […]

Preparing Your Community for Change

How to Prepare Your Community for a Major Change

Change: it’s the one constant in life. Whether you’re introducing a change in ownership, new staff, policy change, technical update, or something else, community members sometimes resist change. Usually, they’re afraid of repercussions that could affect the community they care so much about—so, it comes from a “good place.” That being said, their fears and […]

The Community Manager

Building Community in Blogger Outreach

Community management is very much about uniting people. It can face inward amongst employees at a company, it can be customer facing as most are known for doing, but it can also be outward facing to bloggers & businesses in your industry. Blogger outreach traditionally is a public relations task, however it is something that […]

Community Centered Design - The Community Manager

Community-Centered Design

Imagine you could build your own online community from scratch. Given what you as a community manager know, you would probably be using community-centered design to help achieve your goals. What is community-centered design? Perhaps the easiest way to explain community-centered design is to contrast it with user-centered design. User-centered design, as succinctly explained by Richard […]


Community Management Job Searching

Searching for a job is never an easy task (as we learned about on Friday’s post about finding your first CM gig) and finding a good job is like searching for a needle in a haystack.  In the world of community management where job titles and job descriptions are so wildly inconsistent, where do you […]

hire me

How to Get Your First Community Manager Job

You’re really good at building online communities. You’ve volunteered for years, labored with love, and you wear that Internet Leadership role so very well. You’re ready to make the leap into the world of professional Community Management. To make the leap, you need to stand out from the field of applicants, regardless of their professional experience—a tough […]


What’s Your Biggest Challenge in Social Media?

  This week I received a tweet from a stranger that asked me, “What’s your biggest challenge in social media?” The tweet directed me to post my answer on their Facebook page and they would respond to it there. I tweeted back and asked if we knew each other and also told her my biggest […]

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