Dave Olson, VP Community Hootsuite

An Interview with Dave Olson, VP Community at Hootsuite

We recently interviewed Dave Olson, VP Community at Hootsuite, who is helping lead community for the company’s fast international growth. We talked with him about how and why he builds community. Read on, and then join us on Thursday May 9 at 3pm ET for a Live Hangout and Q&A with Dave Olson. How do […]

Content Strategy for Community

Using Content to Build A Community

Companies are increasingly finding that relevant, influential, and engaging content has the power to foster a loyal customer community. By taking a strategic approach to content development, companies can bring people with common interests together in one space to share stories and ideas related to their product and industry. A successful content strategy will use […]

The Number One Reason Communities Fail

What’s the number one reason that communities fail? They never get started. Do you know why they don’t get started? Crickets. We’re so deathly afraid that no one will show up. We’re afraid we’ll invite people, and they won’t show up. We’re afraid we’ll post something, and no one will answer. We’re afraid of looking […]

With Great Social Media Power…

Wise words were once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”  However with great power using social media comes the need to be first, famous, and the belief that you are something that you are not…a credible source. There is no denying the power of social media and the connections it has developed for millions of […]

Ask Dows: Sound Measures of Good Community Management

What data points are sound measures of quality community management? – Jenn Kramer (Question 2 of 2) In two recent Ask Dows articles I’ve covered some ways to look at the Value of A Community Manager and Measuring the Quality of Collaboration. Jenn asks a great question about sound measures for good community management and I […]

Community Management Strategy: Data, Not Emotions

Not too long ago, I stumbled across a wonderful article by Steph Parker posted right here on TCM. The introduction to metrics is important for community managers. I’ve felt that the trend has been approach to community management dealing in “feels”—and ignoring metrics. But once you get the hang of this basic calculation by SocialBakers: […]

The Influence of Community Type on its Characteristics

Why Knowing Your Community Type is Important

Should you ban off-topic discussions in your community? Is it always a good idea to promote growth? Does a large number of anonymous members threaten your community? Three different questions it seems—but the answers have one thing in common: the way the member is attached to the community. Two basic types of communities can be […]

5 Tips for Effectively Managing Negativity

5 Tips for Effectively Managing Negativity in Your Community

Negativity happens. It’s an unfortunate side effect of public discourse, and tricky aspect of every community manager’s job. Though it’s never fun in the moment, a negative situation that has been well managed will speak wonders to your brand, and to your reputation as a community manager. Here are 5 tips to help you effectively […]

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