Community is Not a Great Selling Point

In my recent experience I’ve found that using community as a selling point isn’t very effective. Yes, communities can improve a user’s experience and it can keep people coming back, but to get them in the door, it’s just not something that people perceive to be valuable until they’ve experienced it. There are exceptions.  If […]

How to Write Effective Community Guidelines

This post originally appeared on Musings of a Galvanizer. — Joining a new online community can feel like attending a party at a new friend’s house. The Community Manager acts as a welcoming host: sharing event details in the invites, introducing guests to one another during the party, letting people know if it’s cool to dance […]

Two Questions You Should Ask Before Starting a New Community

I’ve spoken to maybe over 100 companies about their community strategies. Over time, I found that there were trends in how companies view community. Having a community sounds really nice. You can see it now… all your adoring fans will come together online and off to celebrate how amazing your brand is and eagerly break […]

Community Managers Are Taking Over the Tech World

There’s been a big trend in the community space lately. Name a startup and they probably have a community manager… or they’re desperately looking for one. Not only that, but more and more community managers exist on the executive level…they’re finally getting seats at the table. VC’s are hiring community managers now too. Spark Capital, […]

11 Awesome Community Manager Job Openings

This week, we have listed community management jobs from organizations like Udemy, ServiceNow, Uber and Estée Lauder. Here are some of our latest posts on how to both get and prepare for a Community Manager job: 7 Recommendations to Help You Get Your First Community Manager Job Tips and Resources to Help You Land that First […]

Instagram | Charity Team

How Instagram Can Raise Charity Awareness

Since Instagram launched in 2010, it has acquired a huge fan base and is used by millions all over the world. By its very nature it is also a great way for charities to publicize their great work, get messages across visually, and make more people aware of what they are doing. There are several […]

Product is Nothing Community is Everything

Product is Nothing: Community is Everything

Once upon a time there was this thing called “brand loyalty.” It was the type of thing that kept people religiously adhered to one specific brand, no matter the true quality of what the competition could offer. It’s the phenomenon that makes people think that Coke tastes better than other cola drinks, even when the […]

12 Really Sweet Community Manager Job Openings

The community manager position is only getting hotter.  There are a lot of amazing companies looking for people who can help bring the masses together. Here are 12 sweet community manager job openings.  If you have one to add, please post in the comments. (#12 is my dream job)   1. Binpress – Community Manager […]

High-Quality Education for Community Managers

As a community manger for the new online Master in Public Health program at GW my responsibilities span many facets of communication including public relations, advertising, marketing, sales and even customer service. This isn’t unique to me. Many of my colleagues do the same and have been teaching themselves the ropes over the past five to […]

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