#CmgrChat 12/8: Transitions & Leaving a Community

The “Community Manager” role as we know it today hasn’t been around very long.  Most of us in our positions have only been in them a short period of time so the idea of leaving one behind wasn’t on the minds of many in the chat today.  However, it’s always good to keep in mind […]

#CmgrChat 12/1 – Taking Time Away from the Community

We are all married to our jobs as community managers and that’s part of the fun!  We like being connected and involved with our work, but every so often we like to take breaks, go on vacations, or leave for the holidays.  We had a pretty great discussion Wednesday with 670 tweets and 87 participants, […]

#CmgrChat 11/10 – Handling SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO.   It’s an art, not a science.   Search engines like Google and Yahoo are looking for specific keywords and that’s who you’re trying to please.  As community managers oftentimes this job lies on us.  We had 418 tweets and 78 participants, which to me, means that a lot of people were listening in for the […]

#CmgrChat 11/3 – Metrics & Measurement

Our topic this week was Metrics and in an area that’s always difficult to figure out, this provided a lot of resources and help to make sure we’re all getting closer to figuring out that ROI.   We had 457 tweets from 66 participants and a lot of great info. Also make sure to follow the […]

#CmgrChat 10/27 – Blogging & Community (Part II)

This discussion was so good that we actually had to break it up into two parts.  The second installment on Wednesday’s chat about Blogging & Community saw 703 Tweets and 82 participants! Make sure to follow the @CmgrChat Twitter Account and join the Linked In group as well! ** Do you want your personal blog […]

#CmgrChat 10/20 – Blogging & Community (Part I)

This discussion was so good that we actually have to break it up into two parts.  Wednesday’s chat about Blogging & Community saw 613 Tweets and 92 participants! We’ll be continuing the discussion on Wednesday at 2pm EST, so you probably won’t want to miss that. Make sure to follow the @CmgrChat Twitter Account and […]

#CmgrChat 10/13 – Daily Tasks

Another great chat for the books with 652 Tweets and 82 participants! We learned a few weeks ago that defining the role of a community manager is difficult because the objectives of the position vary from company to company.   We had no idea how many answers we’d get when we ask how people defined […]

#CmgrChat 10/6 – Keeping Up With Technology

Well, Wednesday’s chat was interesting, to say the least.  We did see 629 tweets from 94 contributors in an hour, and there were a lot of shared resources during that time. One lesson I think we all learned is professionalism.  There are good and bad ways to approach a situation.  If you have a problem […]

#CmgrChat 9/29 – Social Media Policies

Had a pretty great discussion surrounding Social Media Policies in Wednesday’s chat.  We saw 862 tweets from 126 contributors in an hour, which knocked out last week’s record topping crowd.   It is really nice to see this community growing, so thank you to all that participate. One item of note before we get into the […]

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