Nir Eyal2

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Community Systems

What’s the last app you used? What site do you check more than once a day? What’s the last thing you posted to Instagram or Pinterest? Nir Eyal, author of Hooked, says the HOOK is an experience designed to connect user’s problems to your solution with enough frequency to form a habit. The HOOK can […]

Dave McClure 500 Startups

Community Building Insights from Dave McClure of 500 Startups

Dave McClure joins us today from 500 Startups to talk about how he built the communities he’s been a part of over the years.  His agenda consisted of these groups: Cats and Hats Geeks and Developers Founders and Startups Branded Community s& Geeks on a plane 500 Startups and 500 Strong Currently 500 Startups has […]


Lessons in Building Community Products from Josh Miller

For this session, David sat down with Josh Miller, Founder of Potluck and Branch (recently acquired by Facebook), for an engaging Q&A on lessons in building a community product. Here are some highlights: Talking inspiration behind starting a company Starting out in public policy with no real tech background, Josh became interested in the 90-9-1 principle […]

Crafting a Self-Sustaining Community Culture: The Power of Ritual, Purpose, and Shared Identity

Building community is about 1:1 interactions. But how do you scale these interactions without hiring an army of community managers? Emily Castor, Director of Community Relations for Lyft, says it’s all about seeding rituals to have your community create and repeat these interactions. Why should they care? You’re doing this because you want to change […]

Robin Dreeke

Why Should They? Trust Strategies for Every Situation

Editor’s Note:  We’re live from the #CMXSummit all day today at Dogpatch Studios in San Francisco.  We’ll be covering all of the sessions, but you can livestream the event as well: Robin Dreeke joins us from the FBI and his personal project, “People Formula,” focusing on utilizing behavioral strategies to better communicate, aid and […]

The Community Manager

The Definition of Community Management

It seems as though people are always saying there’s no conclusive definition of community management. It is true the definition will vary from start up, to nonprofit, to agencies, and corporations, but regardless of the type of business you find yourself in, there is a very basic clear-cut way to describe community management for everyone. […]

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