A Community Manager In Over Their Head

This was one of the scariest moments of my career. Actually, it wasn’t really a moment…it was more of a period of time. I blogged, I branded myself, I built up credibility for my voice and words…I even convinced myself of how super awesome and knowledgeable I was.  Then I landed that community manager position […]

#CmgrChat 6/1 – How to Plan for Summer

From Israel to Australia, the west coast to Chicago to the south, this week’s chat welcomed community managers far and wide. This discussion dives right into summer, from organizing to reading lists. Fun, right? Aside from viewing book recommendations on Hunch, or checking out the #Cmgrchat Reading List, there are some really great recommendations below! […]

Community Management Is NOT Digital Cold Calling

Community managers often wear multiple hats. Based on some questionable tactics I’ve seen on the Twitters recently, it’s the “communication with potential customers” hat that I feel could be improved. Under the guise of “community manager” or “evangelist” by job title in their Twitter bios, people follow hashtags related to their product or their competitors. […]

#CmgrChat 5/25 – When Too Much Isn’t Enough: Competition & Jealousy

This chat coincided with BlogWorld – Eastern Conference, NY. For myself, BlogWorld was one of the few places where everyone knew what it meant to be a community manager. As one #cmgrchat participant put it, community management can feel “Sisyphean” at times. This digests dives into the competitive nature of the role and what community […]

Welcome to the Home of the Community Manager

Welcome to TCM, the community for the community manager! The “community manager” is the hot job title of the day.  They’re like pokemon…everyone wants one but they’re not sure why. Many don’t know that the title has actually existed for a long time.  It’s only through the growth of social media that it’s evolved, and […]

Mashable Connect

Mashable Connect – A Different Kind of Conference

As a social community obsessed twenty year-old, I am always on the lookout for new opportunities to meet new people and build relationships with others in the digital space. Thanks to some great timing and a bit of luck, I was granted an invite to the ultra exclusive Mashable Connect conference in Disney World. I […]

So You Want to Hire a Community Manager

Check out the comments below for the liveblog of the “So You Want to Hire A Community Manager…” panel at BlogWorld New York. The panel starts at 11am today, Tuesday May 24th. Speakers: Daniel Brostek Lauren Vargas Jim Storer David Spinks Finding the right person to build, nurture and grow your community can be a […]

#CmgrChat 5/18 – SEO, Link Building, & Blogger Outreach

Co-moderators Jenn Pedde and Alexa Scordato clocked 686 tweets at this week’s #cmgrchat. The topic was a hot one: SEO, Linkbuilding, and Blogger Outreach and that certainly brought a lot of visitors, including new grads. In the spirit of the popular “+1” and algorithms –don’t let that word scare you– this digest was done a […]

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Twitter

Listen, and Send Love In 140. It’s hard to say what you mean in 140 characters. (Even fewer, if you count the spaces you should be leaving for other people to weigh in and add their thoughts). And it’s harder when the person on the other end of the line only has a similar number […]

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