Join Community Manager Meetups in Your Area

Are you a community manager and live in area with a number of other community managers & social media types?  Would you like to see them more? Well lucky for you, there’s this handy new Community Manager page. is looking for community managers in cities across America (and the world) to get […]

#CmgrChat 6/29 The Evolution of Community Management

Esteemed guest Blaise Grimes-Viort put it best in this chat when he said, “People interacting with a brand and not each other is not a community in my mind.” Although the hiring of “community managers” has really taken off in the past couple of years, and businesses as well as their customers are more excited […]

Introducing The Community Manager Job Board

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to our website – The Community Manager Job Board. Until the end of July we are offering a 50% discount on all job listings with the code “THECM50“.  Every week, we will gather all of the latest listings and share them with our readers through this site as well as […]

The Community Manager’s Secret Weapon

What is it that makes a community manager amazing? Being generous goes against everything you might think about protecting your ideas, protecting your business, and protecting yourself but when it comes to community, it’s everything. When I started using Twitter, I didn’t understand why people took the time to share content and have conversations online […]

#CmgrChat 6/22 How to Become a Community Manager

From veterans to novices, this chat offers good advice on how to enter community management. Evan Hamilton, of the B2B app UserVoice, suggested that the new term for community manager ought to be Chief Happiness Officer (despite the “slightly awkward” acronym). Regardless of job title or description, job seekers and aspiring hopefuls can learn a lot […]


#CMmeetup 6/21 – Conversations with AOL &

Tuesday’s meetup was another super-helpful, insight-filled one. It started with some light networking (including beers + pizza) for the first 30 minutes which led into two insightful bro-side chats moderated by our own Katy Zack and Dave Brown, respectively. The first Q&A was with social guru (yes, I hate that word too but there is […]

#CmgrChat 6/8 – Demystifying the Cloud

Collaborating on the cloud is becoming more and more the norm. When #cmgrchat held this discussion, it turns out that a lot of CMs already use the same cloud services. In reading the digest, however, you’ll probably learn about something new. Multi-platforms apps, especially those offering local + cloud options, are preferred and leading the […]

The Community Manager Leaves its Mark on the Windy City

I have been a regular to the weekly #CMGRChat discussions on Twitter for quite some time, and the calendar reminder has quickly grown to become a favorite. The group has proven itself to be an invaluable resource to myself as a community manager. It also draws an amazing group of people who I am so […]

7 Tips To Rock Your New Community Manager Gig

It has been said over and over again that we will all one day be doing jobs that did not exist when we were in college. For me, that day arrived a little more than a month ago when I became a community manager. Life as a new Community Manager is stressful and overwhelming.  Of […]


The Blue Key Campaign – Leaders in Social Good

  One of the things I love about social media is how new information evolves from peaking our interest to having us take action in such a short time span. That evolution can range from seeing a link, reading the article, and then sharing it (taking action) to seeing a cause, reading a little bit, […]

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