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Telling Stories on Twitter

I have a story to tell. Would you like to hear it? Here it goes. Wait. Should you tell the story? You’re sitting at your computer ready to embark on a serious Twitter rant when you remember, “I represent a company.” You slouch in your chair, heave a deep sigh, and wonder where a professional […]

How Rewards Ruin Relationships

When users are awesome, you should reward them right? Ehhhh…. maybe. Read the following delicious mix of adjectives, nouns and verbs to learn how rewarding your users can be a bad thing. Why Bad? We’ll start with an example. Say  you have a message board, and there’s one user who loves your company so much […]

Community Fail

When Your Surprise & Delight Fails

We all manage different types of communities and each has a range of goals. But at the core, our goals as community managers are obviously to manage the community, correct errors and reward super-fans as we see fit. Some of us work directly with the team behind the product, while others, like myself, are at […]

8/3 #Cmgrchat: Community & Advertising

Advertising.  It’s everywhere.  And over the years we’ve had to get more creative about how we advertise online.  As community managers are we immune?  Is advertising part of our responsibility?  Are there interesting ways to advertise to communities that make more sense?   Afterall, community managers are also users so we have a unique view […]

Warning Signs for a Bad Social Media Bootcamp

Social media: It excites some (like myself and likely most of you reading this post) and it terrifies others. It’s new, doesn’t hold back, encourages uttermost transparency and is taking the marketing world by storm. There are still many people out there that don’t know how to use it properly, and because of this there […]

7/27 #Cmgrchat: Community & Social Good

Social good/social capitalism. It all boils down to organizations and corporations furthering a social mission and executing on plans to help others. The following is a thoughtful chat about social efforts, including whom to follow so you can stay up-to-date. It’s not to be missed! 😉 ______ Q1. Besides the obvious, what are the most […]

NYC #CMmeetup 8/23 – Social Media Management Tools: Is There One That Does It All?

Last week we invited Katie Van Domelen from CoTweet, Mike Perrone from SocialFlow, Julien Emery from HootSuite, and Ro Gupta from Disqus in to discuss each of their respective tools and share some thoughts on today’s sm tools. Here’s how it went down: Photo-Sharing? Mike: SocialFlow supports multimedia publishing/optimizing. Photos especially generate a lot of […]

7/20 #Cmgrchat: Community Meetups

One of the most important aspects of community management is taking the online, offline.  Building relationships on line is only the start of it.  Enabling your community to meet in person does so many things to help your cause.  Members meet other members, you find your biggest advocates, and you strengthen the community ties around […]

7 SxSW Community Panels to Check Out

Editor’s Note:  This post was written by Harrison Kratz, Community Manager for the online MBA program, MBA@UNC. Aside from the great list he has put together below, he also has a social good panel submitted for SxSW called, “Keys, Boxes, Toys; Build a Cause-Passionate Army.”   ***** The SxSW Panel voting period is rolling right […]

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