What I Learned About Being a Communit Manager from RollerCoaster Tycoon

What I Learned About Being a Community Manager From RollerCoaster Tycoon

Just as the original Game Boy defined most of my childhood, RollerCoaster Tycoon became the center of my universe around 1999 as I began to discover a brand new world of computer games. For those not familiar, RollerCoaster Tycoon allowed users to build and manage virtual theme parks (awesome, right?). The possibilities were seemingly endless, […]

Preparing for SXSW

South by Southwest holds great promise: a coming-together of tech industry geeks in a land of atomic tacos, free beer, and fantastic speakers. But when you start looking at everything going on at SXSW, it quickly becomes terrifying. How am I going to choose what to go to? When am I going to sleep? How […]

5 Things To Know About Timeline for Brands

Facebook unveiled timeline for pages this week, along with a number of equally important product and platform upgrades. While I’m sure there will be posts picking apart each and every one of these changes, I am going to focus primarily on the Timeline for Pages changes. Here are FIVE key things you need to know […]

Introducing Numbers To The Community – Part One

This is the first post in the mini-series: Introducing Numbers to the Community. See Part 2. Facebook, online communities and social media offer data scientists an exciting new opportunity to understand people. While the social sphere has been around for a few years now, collecting and utilizing some of the numbers behind social media is […]

Who's Hiring? Community Manager Jobs Available Now

Who’s Hiring? 20+ Community Manager Jobs Available Now

Every week, The Community Manager team compiles a list of the latest Community Manager-related job openings across the nation (and sometimes overseas, as well). For more information, check out some of of our latest posts on how to get that Community Manager job as well as what a Community Manager’s job entails. Did you know […]

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#CmgrChat – 1/25 – To Automate or Not Automate Your Community

We had 820 tweets in this week’s chat by quite a few talented community managers.  The discussion of automation is always heated because it’s basically efficiency vs. quality to most people.  Does one have to be sacrificed for the other?   From what this chat discussed, neither have to be at the sake of the other.  […]

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#Cmgrchat – 1/18 – Community Manager Burnout

Burnout isn’t a new concept. From my day to day community working with USC, I’ve learned that this is a concept that social workers, in their profession, are constantly talking about. The idea of taking time for themselves and taking mental (and physical) breaks from their very serious jobs. And I keep drawing comparisons to […]

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Top 24 Communities for the Community Manager

Community management in the past 1-2 years has exploded as an industry full of “experts.” It’s hard to tell what’s a legitimate resource, who’s actually handling community in an organization, and who is merely managing social media platforms.   Even harder is finding out where seasoned community managers live on a day to day basis […]

10 Amazing Community Manager Job Openings

Some of the most exciting and innovative companies are looking for community managers today.  Here are 10 amazing opportunities that you can apply for: 1. Coursekit – Community Manager The instructors who use Coursekit are some of the most interesting and inspirational people on earth. We want to make sure they’re having an awesome experience. […]

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