Understanding Power User Programs

When you hear about a “power user program” what comes to mind first, community or product? There’s often confusion about exactly how a power user program looks, and who’s responsible for it.  Is it the product team’s responsibility?  Is it the community team? The answer is it’s both…to some extent. There are two big components.  […]

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Useful Conference Preparation Tips

In today’s online heavy world, conferences provide an excellent way to bridge the online / offline gap.  The amount of networking and connections you can make nowadays on social platforms and virtual events is staggering, but that doesn’t replace the quality of meeting someone face to face.  Conferences provide the ability to not only meet […]


Communities and The Ratios That Bring Insight

Being a data analyst, I sometimes talk with organizations that struggle to use data. I see good research sit on a shelf because it’s either overwhelming and businesses can’t translate the numbers into action, or they’re looking at the wrong numbers. One of the quickest ways to really understand your data and, by association, your […]

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Community Management of the Future

Even though Community Management seems to be at it’s height, we’ve still got a long way to go before we come to some kind of consensus as to what CMs do day to day, what they’re called, and what we expect them to do.  So what does the future of Community Management look like to […]


How your Product and Community can Become One

Community is not marketing. Community is part of your product.  It’s part of the User Engagement Cycle. In the cycle, marketing drives users into the cycle.  Users connect with your product, then with your brand, and then a community is formed when they connect with each other which will then improve your product.  How will […]

Who's Hiring? Community Manager Jobs Available Now

The Best (and Worst) Community Management Job Descriptions

Whether you are either looking for a community management job, or looking to create one for your business – it’s not easy due to the lack of one solid defined way of describing everything digital. That’s where we come in. If you want to do community management and not just social media management, there are […]

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How to Choose the Right Community Program

“We need a community!  Go o’ mystical community manager, and build us a thriving community!” Shut up you. Blindly saying “We need a community!” won’t get you very far.  There are many different community programs which are built for entirely different purposes. You have many different kinds of users.  Some are more active than others. […]

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#CmgrChat – 2/8 – Community Guidelines

Being a part of a community doesn’t come without some guidelines, rules, & regulations to follow.  Have you ever been a part of an organization that didn’t have something to adhere to?  Without any of that, you run the risk of entering into chaos.  The best community managers create guidelines that encourage, support, and best […]

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