The Psychology Behind Community Management

When it comes to building community it isn’t all just numbers and social media tools.  There’s an element of knowing how people function, what makes them tick, why they do what they do and why they buy what they buy.  When people join a community and stay in that community they’ve made it part of […]


5 Rules For Dealing With A Negative Nancy

Community is a lot like an organism, if one part gets infected, it can kill the whole being. So how do you prevent the germs and remedy infection once it’s begun? Community builders who start from the ground up to through a honeymoon stage where the only people that participate in the community are people […]


Community Jobs Roundup – March 12

Looking for a new gig? Curious about what’s out there? Want to change fields and hop into community?  Well, there’s a list for that and it’s below. Be careful when looking at all of the descriptions! Community Management can consist of very analytical and data driven positions  to customer support and all the way on […]

Building a Community From the Ground Up

Last week someone asked me: How do you build a community? I paused. I hadn’t thought about it before. For the past three months, much of my time and focus has been on growing the Product Hunt community. I never considered myself a “community builder” but in retrospect, perhaps I am. At the risk of sounding arrogant, […]

Free Design Resources To Upgrade Your Community Management Game

When you’re working in the digital world, companies spend a lot of time on design. Scratch that, in any world, companies spend a lot of time on design, for their branding, their products, their functions, everything. A community manager should do the same. Design elements are infinitely valuable as ways to differentiate the way you […]


How To Use Klout as a Community Management Tool

*Editor’s Note: Klout has recently updated their platform to be about content creation.  Influence matters for community management activities for at least two reasons: On one hand community managers want to influence their community in order to sell products (Marketing), position brands (Branding), attract talent (Human Resources), or show expertise (Customer Care). And on the […]

5 Things that Design and Community have in Common

Several years ago pre-Loyal, when I first started freelancing, a new friend I had just met, Karen Schoellkopf (now a good friend, and awesomely, a client), told me that I absolutely must read Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro. She said that it would change my work, and it did. It might seem a bit odd for community people to be […]

Open Road - William Warby

You’ve become a Social Media Manager. Now What?

Congratulations! You got the job as a social media community manager, and you’re now in the world of professional social media people. There’s a lot that can be done, and it’s a fun, challenging job that will grow your skills and prepare you for a solid career in advertising and marketing, among other areas. However, […]

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