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Building Community in Blogger Outreach

Community management is very much about uniting people. It can face inward amongst employees at a company, it can be customer facing as most are known for doing, but it can also be outward facing to bloggers & businesses in your industry. Blogger outreach traditionally is a public relations task, however it is something that […]

Community Centered Design - The Community Manager

Community-Centered Design

Imagine you could build your own online community from scratch. Given what you as a community manager know, you would probably be using community-centered design to help achieve your goals. What is community-centered design? Perhaps the easiest way to explain community-centered design is to contrast it with user-centered design. User-centered design, as succinctly explained by Richard […]

Community Management Job Searching

Searching for a job is never an easy task (as we learned about on Friday’s post about finding your first CM gig) and finding a good job is like searching for a needle in a haystack.  In the world of community management where job titles and job descriptions are so wildly inconsistent, where do you […]

How to Get Your First Community Manager Job

You’re really good at building online communities. You’ve volunteered for years, labored with love, and you wear that Internet Leadership role so very well. You’re ready to make the leap into the world of professional Community Management. To make the leap, you need to stand out from the field of applicants, regardless of their professional experience—a tough […]

What’s Your Biggest Challenge in Social Media?

  This week I received a tweet from a stranger that asked me, “What’s your biggest challenge in social media?” The tweet directed me to post my answer on their Facebook page and they would respond to it there. I tweeted back and asked if we knew each other and also told her my biggest […]

The Lean Community

The Lean Startup model created by Eric Ries has been applied to a lot of different industries. Turns out, it’s the most efficient way to approach community building as well. I’ve been taking a lean approach to building community after 4 years of learning from things that worked and, more importantly, things that didn’t work. […]

Visual Storytelling from NYC’s #CMMeetup

At this month’s #cmmeetup, Kristin Appenbrink, Senior Editor at, Katie Richman, Director of Social Media Strategy for espnW, and  Liz Eswein, Co-founder of The Mobile Media Lab, @newyorkcity on Instagram spoke about how they are maximizing the power of visual storytelling for their respected brands.    The panel was moderated by Dave Brown, who is the Director […]

Get to Know Don Bourassa – July’s Community Manager Spotlight!

Every month at we go through your nominations of your favorite community managers and select one special CM to spotlight here and to chat with on a Google+ Hangout.  We’d like to introduce you July’s #CMSpotlight: Congratulations to Don Bourassa, the Community Manager at Yelp in Portland, OR, and TCM’s CM Spotlight for July 2012! […]

5 Traits of Good Online Community Members

What makes a good online community member? The concept of choosing your community members may not have occurred to you before. We usually focus on changing the platforms, the questions we ask, the events we host, the community manager and other methods to improve our communities. But remember, a community is just a group of […]

Introducing A/B Testing For Communities

If you’ve been anywhere near a marketing department or advertising team in the last 10 years, you might sigh when I say how brilliantly powerful A/B testing can be. But the truth is, A/B testing can be a huge asset to social communities—particularly when there’s a community site or forum where members come together. A/B […]

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