How to Reenergize your Community

Activity in any community will always ebb and flow. It’s natural. Sometimes the ebbs are unavoidable. For example during the holidays, a lot of communities will slow down a great deal since people are spending time with their family. Other times, it just happens when there aren’t many conversations going on. Here are some tips […]

The Community Manager

Protecting Your Online Identity

Community Managers are generally pretty visible people online.  Whether they’re internet famous on social media or infamous within their community, community managers have an online identity to protect.  How do you balance being a well known community manager for a large brand, a hot start up, or for multiple clients at an agency and making […]

Why Every Startup Founder Needs to be a Community Manager

Why Every Startup Founder Needs to be a Community Manager

Building a company from the ground up is a major undertaking. There are a lot of logistical, technical and administrative things to figure out when first starting out. But one thing that every company needs in order to succeed are customers. How do you start building a customer base from scratch? The same way you […]

Who's Hiring? Community Manager Jobs Available Now

Who’s Hiring? 20+ Community Manager Jobs Available Now!

On a regular basis, The Community Manager team compiles a list of the latest Community Manager-related job openings across the nation (and sometimes overseas). These include full-time, part-time and internship listings. You may also visit our job board for the latest job listings. If you’re hiring, please use the code “HOLIDAYS20” for a 20% discount on each job listing purchase you […]

The Community Manager

Community Management for Nonprofit Organizations

We so often talk about communities and how they fit into support, content, marketing, pr, etc—but we had never really talked about community for nonprofit organizations. Are their goals and processes different than that of major corporations or start-up companies? We decided to find out. TheCMgr Q1) What does the day to day look like for […]

9 Unexpected Places to Find Community Managers

9 Unexpected Places to Find Good Community Managers

I was recently asked an interesting question that went something like, “What other fields would you recommend to someone looking for a good potential community manager?” Businesses often look to the Marketing and Public Relations fields to find community managers. Why is that? While you can find people in those fields who would make good […]

Introducing Ask Dows – Get Your Data Questions Answered

Communities are wonderful living entities of social interactions, and the digital world has given us a great opportunity to use metrics and numbers to keep improving user experiences. This means we have a great opportunity to follow the numbers and keep improving the experience community members. But it also means that things can get really […]

7 Recommendations to Help You Get Your First Community Manager Job

Getting into community management with no experience can be tough. The role is always evolving, and every company will have a unique need from their community manager. Here are some tips to build your community experience and make yourself an appealing candidate to a company hiring for a community manager: 1. Figure out what topics […]

An Open Letter to Founders: Creating a Community Strategy That Actually Works

You determined you needed it, you allocated funds, and you hired your first Community Manager—congratulations! That first week, you met your new hire, and you explained that their job is to “figure out” all of the “community stuff.” Now, three months later, maybe you’re getting antsy and impatient, because you haven’t seen the results you’d […]

Why We Wanted our Twitter Account to Be Taken Over

It’s not what you think, we’ve not decided to scrap social media and go back to direct mail! We gave away our Twitter account for a day during the London 2012 Olympic Games. Why? Read on and I will explain our Twitter Takeover and why it is a great idea for community managers. First a […]

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