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The Dark Social Side Of Community Management

Last October, the Atlantic published a piece on the “dark social” side of the internet. The premise was this: sharing on Facebook and Twitter is only a part of the way stories are shared. It turns out that most sharing is done privately through IM and email. Now “dark social” has become part of our […]

Measuring Value in Community Management

Ask Dows: Measuring the Value Of A Community Manager

What specific metrics can be tracked to demonstrate the value of what community managers are doing? In other words, what are some good methods to show to your client or company that the work you do both online and offline to engage customer communities is valuable to them? — Kari Finn Great question—thanks, Kari. We’ve had […]

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3 Steps to Reactivate a Sleeping Community

Is there anything worse than rushing into your house to tell someone something, only to realize they’re asleep? The excitement that is seeping out of your pores has to be quelled until they wake up. (You know, because waking someone up from sleeping is rude.) I think that businesses forget that this mindset is saved […]

How to Just Say No - The Community Manager

How to Just Say No

“A customer requests a feature you’re never going to add (doesn’t fit with product, won’t increase sales, whatever). How do you respond?” This came in from the super-talented and brilliant product mind of Leah Culver. It’s a specific question—but one that comes up over and over again for community and support folks. I think there are […]

Can Community Management Influence Lurking Behavior?

Can Community Management Influence Lurking Behavior?

Most online communities have lurkers. Lurkers are users on the fringe of a community—they observe what happens, but don’t interact, post, or contribute. Most CMs have likely wondered how they can turn lurkers into regular contributors. There’s some academic research that dives into this topic. Yes, you read that correctly: academic research. (Stay with me…) […]

Community Building at NASA

How NASA Builds Community

In the fall we held a special 2-year anniversary #cmgrchat with special guests from NASA. They manage a significant amount of social media assets and build their community through a variety of online and offline events. Arguably one of the coolest and most progressive organizations out there and we were lucky to have a few members […]

Build Better Communities with these 5 Contributor Triggers

Contributors are the people who actually create content in your community. They may only account for 1-10% of your community, but they’re the most important members since without them, there is no conversation. And so it’s really important for you to know why they come back to your community in the first place. This way […]

A Collection of Community Management Advice

A Collection of Community Management Advice for #CMAD

Let me start by wishing you a heartfelt, Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day! Each year #CMAD continues to get better and better, and this year there are no shortage of activities for community managers to take part in. Those who work in online communities be it in forums & message boards, blogs, or social media […]

What is a Community Strategist?

What Does a Community Strategist Do?

“So what would you say you do here?”  might just be one of my all time favorite Office Space quotes. And it’s something that goes through my head at least once daily when someone inevitably asks me what I do. Assuming we all know the difference between a social media manager and a community manager, […]

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