Curating a Global Instagram Community – A #JJ Case Study

Instagram is a great network for photographers to express themselves and reach a receptive audience around the world. But of the 40 million photos posted everyday, simply sharing quality shots is hardly enough to get noticed. The Instagram team works to find gems among the community and features these on the official blog as often as […]

Community Manager Jobs - Who's Hiring?

Who’s Hiring? Community Manager Jobs at Amazon, MightyBell, Schoology & More

Looking for a community-focused job? Look no further… here are the latest community manager openings. Amazon – Community and Social Media Manager “Amazon Web Services (AWS) is seeking a highly enthusiastic, driven and talented individual with a passion for building customer communities through AWS User Groups and social media. AWS User Groups are community-driven groups that […]

Hootsuite Community Nuggets Vol 2

Power Network Offline To Build Community Online

There’s no question social networking tools make life easier for community managers however, there comes a time when you need to take things offline and (dare I say) network. Event season is ramping up, and with SXSW on the horizon, you can’t waste opportunities to leave an impression.

With endless tweets, pins, vines, and comments on *insert new network here* dominating your everyday life, community managers easily get trapped behind their screens and sucked into the echo chamber that is, the interwebs.

Some of you may neglect an old-fashioned, yet highly effective form of outreach; in-person networking. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about elevator pitches and awkward business card exchanges here. We’re talking about making meaningful connections… much like you do when building your online communities.

Live Q&A with Thomas Knoll

Struggle Equals Growth – A Recap of Thomas Knoll’s Live Q&A

“THE definition of a good community is one that has fights. They get into knock down drag out fights. Struggle = Growth” – #CMstory — TheCommunityManager (@TheCMgr) February 12, 2013 Thomas Knoll recently shared his brilliant CM Story with us and our community at large. We held a a live Q&A Google Hangout with him […]

Ask Dows: How Do You Measure The Quality of Collaboration?

Ask Dows: How Do You Measure The Quality of Collaboration?

How do you measure the quality of collaboration?This is in reference to a community of practice–docs/researchers doing research to establish best practices in their field. – Jenn Kramer (Question 1 of 2) Thanks for your questions Jenn. I’ve broken them up and will try to address them across two different articles. There’s a lot of […]

community manager

Connecting Your Community and Your Team

People create perceptions about other people based upon an infinite range of tiny bits of information. They can have an impression or feeling of someone that is either positive or negative without ever even understanding where that impression came from. (Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Blink” is a great read for learning about the different ways that […]

dont and donts on facebook

35 Quick Facebook Guidelines for Brands

With its continuously growing numbers of users, Facebook has become one of the largest social networks where consumers build real communities around a common belief, a product, or a service—and brands jump in to facilitate the process. One of its most useful features is Facebook Groups, where members of similar interests can easily collaborate, discuss topics, […]


Finding Sweet Spots with Engagement Rates

The debate about the best time to post through social networks has been going on as long as community managers have been in play. Lots of data (and tons of infographics) have surfaced, analyzing averages across all industries and telling us to post in the morning. Some of us chose not to risk losing engagement, […]

Getting Things Done

On the Job: Tips, Tricks and Tools for Getting Things Done

“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.” – Anonymous Well said, Anonymous. This quote from David Allen’s Getting Things Done definitely nails it. As a young Community Manager at an early stage startup, I find myself consistently buried under mounds of things to do. I know I’m not alone in this. If you’re in the […]

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