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San Francisco

SFCMGR Meetup – Scaling Community: The Pinterest Story

Monday, March 24, 2014  to 


Enid Hwang, who built the Pinterest community from the ground-up, will be sharing the story of Pinterest’s evolution from a few passionate advocates to the enormous network and community that it is today. We couldn’t be more excited to hear from one of our community heroes about one of our favorite community-building tools.

Pinterest will be opening up their office to our group and sponsoring food + drinks. And that’s because they rock.



LeanContent Meetup – The Bootstrapper’s­ Guide to Guest Blogging with SmartRecruiters’­ David Smooke

Tuesday, March 25, 2014  to 


Join us Tuesday March 25th at 6pm as David Smooke, the brilliant content strategist for SmartRecruiters talks about how he leverages guest blogging to keep his content lean and fresh.

David is the head of Content and Social Media for SmartRecruiters, the recruiting platform that allows businesses to post jobs, track applicants, and find the next great candidate to add to their team. There, he runs the SmartRecruiters blog, which is the leading source for how to hire in the social web.

In this month’s #leancontent presentation, David will be talking about his guest blogging program – covering topics from how guest blogging keeps his content strategy lean, how it works, and the strategies behind it to the benefits of guest blogging for other sites and leveraging existing communities.


SF Online Community MeetUp featuring Crystal Coleman of Ning

Wednesday, March 26, 2014  to 


Crystal Coleman is a community manager and social media specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area. She got her start in community management with Wetpaint and is currently the Community Manager and Content Lead for Ning. When she’s not working or attending every conference and meet up she can, she tweets (a lot) at @ThatGirlCrystal and writes about social media, life, and everything in between at http://thatgirlcrystal.comwhen she has time.

Topic: Managing Big Changes: Lessons from Disaster Preparedness Plans

It’s not a matter of if change is coming to a community, but when. Whether it’s a platform switch, new management, a pivoting business structure or more, changes happen and Community Managers need to know what to do before, during, and after these Big Changes. Using examples from changes at companies like Ning, Causes, Wetpaint, and more Crystal will guide you through how to make a community plan for Big Changes that keeps your community intact and retains your members.