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Jenn Pedde

2 Things LinkedIn Did Wrong

LinkedIn just did something really cool this week with their most recent “Top Percent-ers” email campaign. They made 20 million users really happy by letting them know their profiles were the most viewed on all of LinkedIn.  That’s no small feat and I’m sure was incredibly hard to pull together across departments internally. Telling users […]

The Top 5 Social CRMs for community

Top 5 Social CRMs for Community Management

The Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) landscape has seen considerable change in the past 5 years—mostly because of the rise of social media, and the need for companies to not just sell, but to grow and foster relationships with their current and future customers. With the focus turning  from transactions to interactions, it’s important now […]

Cali - new Content Editor The Community Manager

Your New Content Editor…and Your Content

Hi, I’m Cali! I’m thrilled to be joining The Community Manager as Content Editor, which means I’ll be lassoing blog posts from, well, you. More on that in just a minute. You might know me as @caligater. Or perhaps we’ve connected if you participated in #reverb10 or #reverb11—an end-of-year blogging project I worked on with […]

The First #CmgrChat Digest – 9/8/10 (Time Mgmt)

David Spinks put it the best when he said this week: “So many community managers…what took us so damn long to start a twitter chat? It’s like…what we do.” And it’s true – this started as an idea last month and Kelly and I both thought someone somewhere would come out and say, “Don’t worry […]