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10 Amazing Community Manager Job Openings

Some of the most exciting and innovative companies are looking for community managers today.  Here are 10 amazing opportunities that you can apply for: 1. Coursekit – Community Manager The instructors who use Coursekit are some of the most interesting and inspirational people on earth. We want to make sure they’re having an awesome experience. […]

Cali - new Content Editor The Community Manager

Your New Content Editor…and Your Content

Hi, I’m Cali! I’m thrilled to be joining The Community Manager as Content Editor, which means I’ll be lassoing blog posts from, well, you. More on that in just a minute. You might know me as @caligater. Or perhaps we’ve connected if you participated in #reverb10 or #reverb11—an end-of-year blogging project I worked on with […]

Community Manager Appreciation Day Report

Community Manager Appreciation Day Wrap Up, Stats, & Thought Leaders

During the course of Community Manager Appreciation Day on Monday I kept a report generated by Hashtracking — a really great service that we use for data behind #CmgrChat transcripts each week — to find out what kind of activity was really happening around this once a year hashtag.   The numbers were pretty incredible: 1.9k […]

The 2012 Community Manager Survey Is Here!

For the second year in a row Social Fresh (Partner of has created a community manager survey aimed at putting more data around the burgeoning role.  Last year’s survey focused on information collected regarding community manager salaries and what to expect, but this year the survey has grown to focus more on the background of […]

community spotlight

Introducing TCM’s Monthly Community Manager Spotlight!

Want to get to know community managers a little bit better?   Are you curious what other CM’s toughest struggles are? What about their favorite resources? Or just want a peek into what their daily work-life is like?  In an effort to offer deeper dives into what Community Managers do to make their communities run so […]

How Rewards Ruin Relationships

When users are awesome, you should reward them right? Ehhhh…. maybe. Read the following delicious mix of adjectives, nouns and verbs to learn how rewarding your users can be a bad thing. Why Bad? We’ll start with an example. Say  you have a message board, and there’s one user who loves your company so much […]