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Producteev Game Night

Cheat Sheet with 16 Tips for Harnessing Social Media at In-Person Events

Integrating in-person events with online community efforts is becoming increasingly popular, and not just for location-based communities but for others as well – presenting a way to deepen relationships with your brand’s most loyal fans. Below are some practices that can assist community and social media managers, from the pre-event through post-event stages. Pre-event: Planning […]

Communities and The Ratios That Bring Insight

Being a data analyst, I sometimes talk with organizations that struggle to use data. I see good research sit on a shelf because it’s either overwhelming and businesses can’t translate the numbers into action, or they’re looking at the wrong numbers. One of the quickest ways to really understand your data and, by association, your […]

How your Product and Community can Become One

Community is not marketing. Community is part of your product.  It’s part of the User Engagement Cycle. In the cycle, marketing drives users into the cycle.  Users connect with your product, then with your brand, and then a community is formed when they connect with each other which will then improve your product.  How will […]

Who's Hiring? Community Manager Jobs Available Now

The Best (and Worst) Community Management Job Descriptions

Whether you are either looking for a community management job, or looking to create one for your business – it’s not easy due to the lack of one solid defined way of describing everything digital. That’s where we come in. If you want to do community management and not just social media management, there are […]

Skillshare Community Management

Skillshare Puts on a Community Management Course in New York City

In the New York City area?  Want to learn about the basics of Community Management?   Education startup Skillshare, is a nationwide community marketplace where anyone can teach skills to their peers.  They will be putting on a course taught by their community managers, plus a few guests (including yours truly), that will take place over […]

Social Network Connections

Top 24 Communities for the Community Manager

Community management in the past 1-2 years has exploded as an industry full of “experts.” It’s hard to tell what’s a legitimate resource, who’s actually handling community in an organization, and who is merely managing social media platforms.   Even harder is finding out where seasoned community managers live on a day to day basis […]