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7 Epic Community Job Openings You Can Apply for Now

More and more companies are hiring for REAL community positions (not social media marketing). It’s refreshing. Here are some epic ones you won’t want to miss… ScoutMob – NYC Community Manager ScoutMob has an amazing team and a brand that has constantly inspired me as a community builder and entrepreneur. Jump on this opportunity to […]

What Approaches Are Most Effective When Pitching Target Bloggers?

If you’re a community manager tasked with building relationships through blogger outreach, you might find yourself wondering what the most effective ways are to get started. Fear not, with quite a bit of blogger outreach under my belt, I’m here to help! Whether your community is teachers, those in the public service sector or college […]

What Tools do Community Managers Use?

A great community manager knows when, where, and how to find excellent resources of the highest quality. And in 958 tweets in an hour we figured out what the best of the best resources are, and who is using what everyday. Enjoy the list! Q1) What are the tools you can’t live without as a […]

TEDx Talks for Community managers

3 Insightful TED Talks for Community Managers

Whether you’ve watched a TED talk or not, you’ve no doubt heard of them or seen/heard someone quote them.  If you ever have sat down to watch one, you know that it’s like a potato chip or a good piece of chocolate — you can’t do just one.  They’re inspiring, they’re funny, they’re insightful, and […]

Community Centered Design - The Community Manager

Community-Centered Design

Imagine you could build your own online community from scratch. Given what you as a community manager know, you would probably be using community-centered design to help achieve your goals. What is community-centered design? Perhaps the easiest way to explain community-centered design is to contrast it with user-centered design. User-centered design, as succinctly explained by Richard […]

Visual Storytelling from NYC’s #CMMeetup

At this month’s #cmmeetup, Kristin Appenbrink, Senior Editor at, Katie Richman, Director of Social Media Strategy for espnW, and  Liz Eswein, Co-founder of The Mobile Media Lab, @newyorkcity on Instagram spoke about how they are maximizing the power of visual storytelling for their respected brands.    The panel was moderated by Dave Brown, who is the Director […]