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A Collection of Community Management Advice

A Collection of Community Management Advice for #CMAD

Let me start by wishing you a heartfelt, Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day! Each year #CMAD continues to get better and better, and this year there are no shortage of activities for community managers to take part in. Those who work in online communities be it in forums & message boards, blogs, or social media […]

Your Product and Community are One

There are many people that would tell you that “community management” is most closely related to marketing. Many go as far as to place their community manager in the marketing team. I believe that’s a mistake. I’d argue that community management is much more related to product than it is to marketing.   I’ll explain… […]

Community Manager Appreciation Day #CMAD

Be featured in the #CMAD Community Management e-Book! is proud to be partnering with Marketwire for #CMAD this year, which is being held all day Monday January 28th, 2013.  (You can read about the partnership from the Marketwire blog as well).  #CMAD, or Community Manager Appreciation Day, was started a few years ago by Jeremiah Owyang and this year has exploded into […]

The Top 5 Social CRMs for community

Top 5 Social CRMs for Community Management

The Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) landscape has seen considerable change in the past 5 years—mostly because of the rise of social media, and the need for companies to not just sell, but to grow and foster relationships with their current and future customers. With the focus turning  from transactions to interactions, it’s important now […]

The Community Manager

The Ins and Outs of Managing a Blog

Managing a blog, wait, strike that. Managing a successful and engaging blog or site could be someone’s full time job.  To pump out the amount of high quality content that’s necessary to span the interwebs, to find new writers, moderate comments, and figure out all of the analytics behind your efforts is no small undertaking.  […]