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3 Top Ways Community Managers Can Utilize 3D Printing

The explosive growth of the DIY movement in recent years is hotter than ever as 3D printing continues to decline in price and increase in popularity. New York is a leader in the trend with luminaries such as MakerBot, Shapeways, Etsy and myriad start-ups. The DIY movement stems from a desire to return the means […]

5 Sites to Help You Become a Better Community Manager

There are many good things about being a community manager. One of those good things is that there are a load of resources available to us to hone our best practices, avoid pitfalls, and maximize our efforts in building nothing short of the most awesome communities the world has ever seen.’s Resources tab is […]

Community is Not a Great Selling Point

In my recent experience I’ve found that using community as a selling point isn’t very effective. Yes, communities can improve a user’s experience and it can keep people coming back, but to get them in the door, it’s just not something that people perceive to be valuable until they’ve experienced it. There are exceptions.  If […]

High-Quality Education for Community Managers

As a community manger for the new online Master in Public Health program at GW my responsibilities span many facets of communication including public relations, advertising, marketing, sales and even customer service. This isn’t unique to me. Many of my colleagues do the same and have been teaching themselves the ropes over the past five to […]

The Influence of Community Type on its Characteristics

Why Knowing Your Community Type is Important

Should you ban off-topic discussions in your community? Is it always a good idea to promote growth? Does a large number of anonymous members threaten your community? Three different questions it seems—but the answers have one thing in common: the way the member is attached to the community. Two basic types of communities can be […]