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Should Startups Focus on Community?

This post was originally published on 500 Startups. I know, it’s a bold request to ask a startup to focus on anything other than their product and growth. I know, because I’m a startup founder myself. Time is our most limited resource and that you have to say no to a lot of things in […]

Announcing the CMX Summit Agenda, Venue and a Gift from Lyft

Well it’s only been a couple weeks since we announced CMX Summit and the response has been unbelievable. There are hundreds of community builders flying in from all over the world. Our industry will be coming together in a meaningful way for the first time in over a decade. It’s truly shaping up to be […]

A Simple Guide to Content Planning for Community Managers

This post originally appeared on Loyal. — Are you a community manager that’s responsible for managing content? I’ve previously written about developing a content strategy and the importance of establishing a process to overcome the challenges that many content managers face when getting started. Equally important as developing a process, is the thoughtful planning that goes into […]

New at CMX Summit: What Can Studying Thousands of Collaborative Consumption Platforms Teach you About Community?

We’re very excited to announce that Lauren Anderson will be joining us on Feb 6th at CMX Summit in San Francisco. Lauren is the Chief Knowledge Officer of Collaborative Lab and She’ll be joining us all the way from Australia and we’re very honored that she’s making the trip for CMX. I’ve personally be following […]