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Welcome to the Home of the Community Manager

Welcome to TCM, the community for the community manager! The “community manager” is the hot job title of the day.  They’re like pokemon…everyone wants one but they’re not sure why. Many don’t know that the title has actually existed for a long time.  It’s only through the growth of social media that it’s evolved, and […]

Mashable Connect

Mashable Connect – A Different Kind of Conference

As a social community obsessed twenty year-old, I am always on the lookout for new opportunities to meet new people and build relationships with others in the digital space. Thanks to some great timing and a bit of luck, I was granted an invite to the ultra exclusive Mashable Connect conference in Disney World. I […]

The First #CmgrChat Digest – 9/8/10 (Time Mgmt)

David Spinks put it the best when he said this week: “So many community managers…what took us so damn long to start a twitter chat? It’s like…what we do.” And it’s true – this started as an idea last month and Kelly and I both thought someone somewhere would come out and say, “Don’t worry […]