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Free Design Resources To Upgrade Your Community Management Game

When you’re working in the digital world, companies spend a lot of time on design. Scratch that, in any world, companies spend a lot of time on design, for their branding, their products, their functions, everything. A community manager should do the same. Design elements are infinitely valuable as ways to differentiate the way you […]

5 Things that Design and Community have in Common

Several years ago pre-Loyal, when I first started freelancing, a new friend I had just met, Karen Schoellkopf (now a good friend, and awesomely, a client), told me that I absolutely must read Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro. She said that it would change my work, and it did. It might seem a bit odd for community people to be […]

Open Road - William Warby

You’ve become a Social Media Manager. Now What?

Congratulations! You got the job as a social media community manager, and you’re now in the world of professional social media people. There’s a lot that can be done, and it’s a fun, challenging job that will grow your skills and prepare you for a solid career in advertising and marketing, among other areas. However, […]

A High-Level Look at How to Measure Community Success

This post originally appeared on Loyal’s blog. Loyal is a community development studio.  — One of the biggest challenges for community managers is educating skeptics (or anyone, really) on the business value of community. The diverse nature of community campaigns makes this particularly challenging. At Loyal, all of our projects are bespoke, which means the results for […]