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9 Unexpected Places to Find Community Managers

9 Unexpected Places to Find Good Community Managers

I was recently asked an interesting question that went something like, “What other fields would you recommend to someone looking for a good potential community manager?” Businesses often look to the Marketing and Public Relations fields to find community managers. Why is that? While you can find people in those fields who would make good […]

An Open Letter to Founders: Creating a Community Strategy That Actually Works

You determined you needed it, you allocated funds, and you hired your first Community Manager—congratulations! That first week, you met your new hire, and you explained that their job is to “figure out” all of the “community stuff.” Now, three months later, maybe you’re getting antsy and impatient, because you haven’t seen the results you’d […]

Internet Killed The Radio “Star”

“Radio? Huh, alright.” This was what I heard all throughout college when people asked me what I was studying. I went to Hofstra University on Long Island and I majored in audio production. Determined to make my name in a dying industry, I interned and worked at radio stations as much as I could. The […]

Lets Define Community Once and For All

One thing that we strive to accomplish with TCM is to bring some clarity to the community industry, and help distinguish community roles from marketing roles that are mislabeled as community. It’s a tough, uphill battle. Time after time I hear people talk about social media marketing and community management in the same vein. Then […]

What a Community Manager is Not.

What a Community Manager is Not

Before we tackle what a community manager isn’t, we have to ask: What is a community manager?  In 2012, after 7 solid years of social media platforms and 20 years of internet forums and comment moderation, this actually IS an answerable question with shades of right answers and most definitely wrong answers, contrary to popular belief. […]