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Community Managers Are Taking Over the Tech World

There’s been a big trend in the community space lately. Name a startup and they probably have a community manager… or they’re desperately looking for one. Not only that, but more and more community managers exist on the executive level…they’re finally getting seats at the table. VC’s are hiring community managers now too. Spark Capital, […]

Instagram | Charity Team

How Instagram Can Raise Charity Awareness

Since Instagram launched in 2010, it has acquired a huge fan base and is used by millions all over the world. By its very nature it is also a great way for charities to publicize their great work, get messages across visually, and make more people aware of what they are doing. There are several […]

Product is Nothing Community is Everything

Product is Nothing: Community is Everything

Once upon a time there was this thing called “brand loyalty.” It was the type of thing that kept people religiously adhered to one specific brand, no matter the true quality of what the competition could offer. It’s the phenomenon that makes people think that Coke tastes better than other cola drinks, even when the […]