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How to Keep Community Members Hooked – Q&A with Nir Eyal

I’m straight up giddy to see Nir Eyal take the stage at CMX Summit. I’ve been following Nir’s work for a couple years now and have been fascinated by the insights he’s collected around how to build habit loops into products and communities. What excites me about the “hooked” model, as Nir calls it, is […]

The Top 10 Community Jobs that You Can Apply for Today

More and more really cool community job openings are popping up every day. Everything from media, to VC, to agency, to consumer…all hiring for community positions. We’ve curated some of the highest quality and exciting job openings out there today. Have one to add? Comment at the end of this post. If you’re hiring or looking […]

5 Psychological Attributes of Community Membership

Recently we dug into the theory developed by McMillan & Chavis around the “sense of community”. Let’s dig into the first factor a bit more: Membership. — In my experience as a community builder, keeping my communities private has always made for stronger results. I’d control membership in my communities by making them private, invite […]