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Storytelling and Connecting Through Sound

Storytelling is something I have been passionate about since before I can remember. I’ve always loved listening and telling stories traditionally (spoken, written) and as a child of the digital revolution, through pictures (Instagram & EyeEm), gifs (Loopcam) and most importantly through sound (SoundCloud, ThingLink). Working with creators who use sound to express themselves has been extraordinary and at […]

What’s Your Biggest Challenge in Social Media?

  This week I received a tweet from a stranger that asked me, “What’s your biggest challenge in social media?” The tweet directed me to post my answer on their Facebook page and they would respond to it there. I tweeted back and asked if we knew each other and also told her my biggest […]

Visual Storytelling from NYC’s #CMMeetup

At this month’s #cmmeetup, Kristin Appenbrink, Senior Editor at, Katie Richman, Director of Social Media Strategy for espnW, and  Liz Eswein, Co-founder of The Mobile Media Lab, @newyorkcity on Instagram spoke about how they are maximizing the power of visual storytelling for their respected brands.    The panel was moderated by Dave Brown, who is the Director […]

5 Traits of Good Online Community Members

What makes a good online community member? The concept of choosing your community members may not have occurred to you before. We usually focus on changing the platforms, the questions we ask, the events we host, the community manager and other methods to improve our communities. But remember, a community is just a group of […]