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Finding Sweet Spots with Engagement Rates

The debate about the best time to post through social networks has been going on as long as community managers have been in play. Lots of data (and tons of infographics) have surfaced, analyzing averages across all industries and telling us to post in the morning. Some of us chose not to risk losing engagement, […]

On the Job: Tips, Tricks and Tools for Getting Things Done

“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.” – Anonymous Well said, Anonymous. This quote from David Allen’s Getting Things Done definitely nails it. As a young Community Manager at an early stage startup, I find myself consistently buried under mounds of things to do. I know I’m not alone in this. If you’re in the […]

7 Tips for Planning an Offline Community Event

Panelists: Dave Brown, Emily Miethner & Meghan Peters Photos by: Katie Curri & Dave Brown Planning an event that brings your community together offline can be daunting no matter what the size. What if nobody shows up? What if it’s boring? Who do I invite? We recently had our first bitly breakfast where we brought together community managers and digital strategists in the […]

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3 Steps to Reactivate a Sleeping Community

Is there anything worse than rushing into your house to tell someone something, only to realize they’re asleep? The excitement that is seeping out of your pores has to be quelled until they wake up. (You know, because waking someone up from sleeping is rude.) I think that businesses forget that this mindset is saved […]

How to Just Say No - The Community Manager

How to Just Say No

“A customer requests a feature you’re never going to add (doesn’t fit with product, won’t increase sales, whatever). How do you respond?” This came in from the super-talented and brilliant product mind of Leah Culver. It’s a specific question—but one that comes up over and over again for community and support folks. I think there are […]

Build Better Communities with these 5 Contributor Triggers

Contributors are the people who actually create content in your community. They may only account for 1-10% of your community, but they’re the most important members since without them, there is no conversation. And so it’s really important for you to know why they come back to your community in the first place. This way […]