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Community Management Strategy: Data, Not Emotions

Not too long ago, I stumbled across a wonderful article by Steph Parker posted right here on TCM. The introduction to metrics is important for community managers. I’ve felt that the trend has been approach to community management dealing in “feels”—and ignoring metrics. But once you get the hang of this basic calculation by SocialBakers: […]

5 Tips for Effectively Managing Negativity

5 Tips for Effectively Managing Negativity in Your Community

Negativity happens. It’s an unfortunate side effect of public discourse, and tricky aspect of every community manager’s job. Though it’s never fun in the moment, a negative situation that has been well managed will speak wonders to your brand, and to your reputation as a community manager. Here are 5 tips to help you effectively […]

Use Your Community To Create Amazing Content

As community manager, you must create engaging content and build a sense of belonging in your community. Fortunately, these two actions can be done together, simply by using your community to generate content for your community. Two birds, one piece of content. Featuring community members is already a common way to boost the feeling of […]

How to Hire the Right Community Manager for the Job

Hiring an amazing community manager is straight up difficult. Why is it that companies struggle when filling such an important position? There are typically four main reasons: 1. You don’t know who is legit when everyone who tweets or pins calls themselves a “community manager.” 2. The company doesn’t actually know what they want. 3. […]

Hootsuite Community Nuggets Vol 2

Power Network Offline To Build Community Online

There’s no question social networking tools make life easier for community managers however, there comes a time when you need to take things offline and (dare I say) network. Event season is ramping up, and with SXSW on the horizon, you can’t waste opportunities to leave an impression.

With endless tweets, pins, vines, and comments on *insert new network here* dominating your everyday life, community managers easily get trapped behind their screens and sucked into the echo chamber that is, the interwebs.

Some of you may neglect an old-fashioned, yet highly effective form of outreach; in-person networking. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about elevator pitches and awkward business card exchanges here. We’re talking about making meaningful connections… much like you do when building your online communities.