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How to Write Effective Community Guidelines

This post originally appeared on Musings of a Galvanizer. — Joining a new online community can feel like attending a party at a new friend’s house. The Community Manager acts as a welcoming host: sharing event details in the invites, introducing guests to one another during the party, letting people know if it’s cool to dance […]

Two Questions You Should Ask Before Starting a New Community

I’ve spoken to maybe over 100 companies about their community strategies. Over time, I found that there were trends in how companies view community. Having a community sounds really nice. You can see it now… all your adoring fans will come together online and off to celebrate how amazing your brand is and eagerly break […]

Instagram | Charity Team

How Instagram Can Raise Charity Awareness

Since Instagram launched in 2010, it has acquired a huge fan base and is used by millions all over the world. By its very nature it is also a great way for charities to publicize their great work, get messages across visually, and make more people aware of what they are doing. There are several […]

Content Strategy for Community

Using Content to Build A Community

Companies are increasingly finding that relevant, influential, and engaging content has the power to foster a loyal customer community. By taking a strategic approach to content development, companies can bring people with common interests together in one space to share stories and ideas related to their product and industry. A successful content strategy will use […]

The Number One Reason Communities Fail

What’s the number one reason that communities fail? They never get started. Do you know why they don’t get started? Crickets. We’re so deathly afraid that no one will show up. We’re afraid we’ll invite people, and they won’t show up. We’re afraid we’ll post something, and no one will answer. We’re afraid of looking […]