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The One Question that Can Make or Break a Community Manager

Hiring a Community Manager is tough. Usually, there are a lot of tradeoffs when considering different candidates. I hear a lot of questions asked consistently of these people.  Questions like… Can they build our community strategy? Do they have experience in our specific industry/interest group? Can they be remote? Should they manage social media as […]

How to Start a Conversation

If you’re a community manager, it’s likely that starting conversations is a large part of your job. Online communities are built on conversation. If people aren’t talking to each other, it’s hard to even call it a community. I’ve spent the past 5 years of my career starting and managing communities and have learned a […]

How to Make Gamification Actually Work in your Community

Gamification is the use of game mechanics to increase user engagement. Most companies are doing it all wrong. I see a lot of companies try to use gamification in their product to increase their user activity levels. I also have a lot of people ask me about how to use gamification in their communities to increase […]

Two Key Questions for All Community Managers

Online Community Management is a profession that has seen a huge boom and evolved over these last couple of years. For Community Managers, this has happened fast; we’re still trying to develop key concepts that will help current and future Community Managers do the job. I believe one of the most fundamental concepts is that […]

3 Top Ways Community Managers Can Utilize 3D Printing

The explosive growth of the DIY movement in recent years is hotter than ever as 3D printing continues to decline in price and increase in popularity. New York is a leader in the trend with luminaries such as MakerBot, Shapeways, Etsy and myriad start-ups. The DIY movement stems from a desire to return the means […]

How to Deal with a Troll in your Community

So… you’ve got a troll in your community? First off, congrats!  Getting your first troll is a sign that your community has made it. Now what to do, what to do… Some trolls are blatantly just spamming or being complete assholes.  In this case, you can probably skip right to the ol’ ban button. Unfortunately, […]