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A Simple Guide to Content Planning for Community Managers

This post originally appeared on Loyal. — Are you a community manager that’s responsible for managing content? I’ve previously written about developing a content strategy and the importance of establishing a process to overcome the challenges that many content managers face when getting started. Equally important as developing a process, is the thoughtful planning that goes into […]

Why Charging Members Will Hurt your Community

This is a question that comes up frequently in the community world. As more and more people are embracing a career in community building, the question is inevitable, can a community be a business? Can you charge people to become a member and still build a healthy, thriving community? It isn’t an easy question to […]

5 Psychological Attributes of Community Membership

Recently we dug into the theory developed by McMillan & Chavis around the “sense of community”. Let’s dig into the first factor a bit more: Membership. — In my experience as a community builder, keeping my communities private has always made for stronger results. I’d control membership in my communities by making them private, invite […]

Why People Participate in Online Communities

Why do people hang out online and what motivates them to participate in online communities? There are two very interesting studies that provide some insight into the answers of these questions. One is a study conducted in 2004 which researched online bulletin board communities. The second is a study conducted in 2010 the researched a […]