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Comment Management – The When & How

When it comes to your blog, you want people to comment, right? After all, the goal of community management is to get people to engage, to respond, to feel passionate enough about your brand that they care to share their thoughts. Start putting out great content, and slowly but surely, people start to comment. OK, […]

Producteev Game Night

Cheat Sheet with 16 Tips for Harnessing Social Media at In-Person Events

Integrating in-person events with online community efforts is becoming increasingly popular, and not just for location-based communities but for others as well – presenting a way to deepen relationships with your brand’s most loyal fans. Below are some practices that can assist community and social media managers, from the pre-event through post-event stages. Pre-event: Planning […]

What is Community?

So… What *is* “Community?” I was recently interviewing for a new position and I was asked, “Tell me about your view of PR.” Before answering, I responded with a question of my own, “Which area of PR are you asking about?” What transpired was an interesting conversation about what community is on a high-level, as […]

Understanding Power User Programs

When you hear about a “power user program” what comes to mind first, community or product? There’s often confusion about exactly how a power user program looks, and who’s responsible for it.  Is it the product team’s responsibility?  Is it the community team? The answer is it’s both…to some extent. There are two big components.  […]

Communities and The Ratios That Bring Insight

Being a data analyst, I sometimes talk with organizations that struggle to use data. I see good research sit on a shelf because it’s either overwhelming and businesses can’t translate the numbers into action, or they’re looking at the wrong numbers. One of the quickest ways to really understand your data and, by association, your […]

How to Choose the Right Community Program

“We need a community!  Go o’ mystical community manager, and build us a thriving community!” Shut up you. Blindly saying “We need a community!” won’t get you very far.  There are many different community programs which are built for entirely different purposes. You have many different kinds of users.  Some are more active than others. […]