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How to Keep Bloggers Engaged With Your Brand

How to Keep Bloggers Engaged With Your Brand

Ten years ago, if you were an organization or company that wanted to spread the word about a new campaign, product or event to the masses, your biggest ally was traditional media: newspapers, radio and television. Flash forward to 2012, where we have a very different landscape, and a very different set of rules. Word-of-mouth […]

Storytelling and Connecting Through Sound

Storytelling is something I have been passionate about since before I can remember. I’ve always loved listening and telling stories traditionally (spoken, written) and as a child of the digital revolution, through pictures (Instagram & EyeEm), gifs (Loopcam) and most importantly through sound (SoundCloud, ThingLink). Working with creators who use sound to express themselves has been extraordinary and at […]

3 Methods to A/B Test User Interaction in your Community

In my last article, I introduced the concept of A/B testing for communities and provided an overview of testing basics. David Spinks responded with a great question: how can A/B testing be used specifically to improve user interactions? Although A/B testing started out in the direct mail industry, the fundamental goal is to understand the user’s […]


How To: Bring a Community Back from the Dead

Recently, I was asked, “Can you bring a dead community back to life?” There was a t-shirt company that had built a massive community, but when the founders lost interest, the community slowly died off and went quiet. This person was asked to bring it back and asked for some ideas on how to go […]

5 Ways to Humanize Your Community Interactions

5 Ways to Humanize Your Community Interactions

Strong online communities are built on strong interactions. Here are some things you can do today to humanize your interactions and strengthen the bond between your community and its members. 1) Leverage Signatures Often, someone with a username like LakersFan246 will end their post or comment with their real first name. If this happens, begin your response […]