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Internet Killed The Radio “Star”

“Radio? Huh, alright.” This was what I heard all throughout college when people asked me what I was studying. I went to Hofstra University on Long Island and I majored in audio production. Determined to make my name in a dying industry, I interned and worked at radio stations as much as I could. The […]

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Timing is Everything

I’ve always felt like I should have a better story about how I got into community management, but the truth of the matter is I just sort of stumbled into it thanks to good timing and a little luck. However, looking back, I have no doubt that all of the random jobs I’ve held down […]

Sounds, Creativity and a Journey Across the Globe

Editor’s note: Welcome to CM Stories. This is our first post in The Community Manager’s new series, kicked off by Natalie Keshlear, Community Manager of Soundcloud. Find out more about sharing your CM Story here. Over a year and a half ago with sleep in my eyes, I boarded a late night flight to Berlin from […]

Write Your CM Story

Introducing CM Stories – Tell Us Your Story

Have you told your story lately? You know, your story from the front lines of community building. Introducing CM Stories We’re adding a new category to The Community Manager: CM Stories. In addition to the how-tos, case studies, and resources shared on TCM, we want to provide a space for CMs to share first-hand stories of […]