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How David Noel of Soundcloud builds community

An Interview with David Noël, VP of Community at SoundCloud

Editor’s note: Our next CM Story is with David Noël, VP of Community for SoundCloud. We’re honored to feature him on TCM.  Keep reading to learn more about his story and join us Tuesday 3/26/2013 for a Live Hangout and Q&A with David Noël. Now, for the good stuff… 1. What is SoundCloud and how are you guys building community? SoundCloud […]

Live Q&A with Thomas Knoll

Struggle Equals Growth – A Recap of Thomas Knoll’s Live Q&A

“THE definition of a good community is one that has fights. They get into knock down drag out fights. Struggle = Growth” – #CMstory — TheCommunityManager (@TheCMgr) February 12, 2013 Thomas Knoll recently shared his brilliant CM Story with us and our community at large. We held a a live Q&A Google Hangout with him […]

An Interview with Thomas Knoll – Visioncaster and Community Architect

Editor’s note: Our next CM Story is with Thomas Knoll, who has been building communities for over a decade, working with companies like Zappos, Seesmic, Launchrock and now his own company, ClippPR. He’s one of the most experienced and knowledgeable community managers today and we’re extremely honored to feature him on TCM.  Keep reading to learn more […]

A Journey from the Stacks to a Startup

My story starts in Toronto, where I was born, grew up and studied. Before I jump in too far, here’s a quick background: I studied music at school, where I spent hours perfecting my Euphonium skillz. I realized very quickly that the  life of a professional musician was not the life for me after developing […]

Squirrel! Moment

December 7, 2011. The day my temporary work visa was granted, opening the door to moving to Vancouver, BC, CA. The end of 2011 is a bit of a blur. Like Natalie, I divested myself of as many possessions as possible, packed what remained and left my family, friends and all that was familiar behind. […]