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5 Things that Design and Community have in Common

Several years ago pre-Loyal, when I first started freelancing, a new friend I had just met, Karen Schoellkopf (now a good friend, and awesomely, a client), told me that I absolutely must read Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro. She said that it would change my work, and it did. It might seem a bit odd for community people to be […]

Two Key Questions for All Community Managers

Online Community Management is a profession that has seen a huge boom and evolved over these last couple of years. For Community Managers, this has happened fast; we’re still trying to develop key concepts that will help current and future Community Managers do the job. I believe one of the most fundamental concepts is that […]

Dave Olson, VP Community Hootsuite

An Interview with Dave Olson, VP Community at Hootsuite

We recently interviewed Dave Olson, VP Community at Hootsuite, who is helping lead community for the company’s fast international growth. We talked with him about how and why he builds community. Read on, and then join us on Thursday May 9 at 3pm ET for a Live Hangout and Q&A with Dave Olson. How do […]