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7/20 #Cmgrchat: Community Meetups

One of the most important aspects of community management is taking the online, offline.  Building relationships on line is only the start of it.  Enabling your community to meet in person does so many things to help your cause.  Members meet other members, you find your biggest advocates, and you strengthen the community ties around […]

#Cmgrchat 7/13 Dying Networks

“You’re a dying social network if Rupert Murdoch is interested in buying you,” joked Prash Sabharwal, during this more light-hearted installation of #cmgrchat. Despite cracks, chat participants take a [semi-]serious look at what constitutes a dying network and how to prepare communities for transition. ***** Q1) What are the telltale signs of a “dying network” […]

#CmgrChat 7/6 How to Use Niche Sites

Many community managers monitor social media properties other than Facebook and twitter. And many are jumping right onto the Google+ bandwagon! This conversation examines just how community managers are able to successfully manage all roads that lead to engagement. ****** Q1. What platforms are you using/looking at for your audience? How do you make the determination […]

#CmgrChat 6/29 The Evolution of Community Management

Esteemed guest Blaise Grimes-Viort put it best in this chat when he said, “People interacting with a brand and not each other is not a community in my mind.” Although the hiring of “community managers” has really taken off in the past couple of years, and businesses as well as their customers are more excited […]

#CmgrChat 6/22 How to Become a Community Manager

From veterans to novices, this chat offers good advice on how to enter community management. Evan Hamilton, of the B2B app UserVoice, suggested that the new term for community manager ought to be Chief Happiness Officer (despite the “slightly awkward” acronym). Regardless of job title or description, job seekers and aspiring hopefuls can learn a lot […]

#CmgrChat 6/8 – Demystifying the Cloud

Collaborating on the cloud is becoming more and more the norm. When #cmgrchat held this discussion, it turns out that a lot of CMs already use the same cloud services. In reading the digest, however, you’ll probably learn about something new. Multi-platforms apps, especially those offering local + cloud options, are preferred and leading the […]