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8/24 – Community Workspaces & Workflows

Everyone has a different way of doing things.  Are some better than others?  Are Community Managers carefree spirits that need to work at home  to avoid distractions or in the office socializing with everyone?  Are both of those questions wrong?   We found out how most people are working and prefer to work in this […]

8/24 – Community Workspaces and Workflows

Everyone has a different work style and prefers to set up their spaces differently.   Should we assume that community managers being social in nature want a social office atmosphere as well?  Do online social professionals actually prefer to work alone?  This chat dives into all of those questions and figuring out best workspace and workflows […]

8/17 – When Communities Attack

Communities often times aren’t always puppy dogs and rainbows as any seasoned community manager knows.  People occasionally get fed up, have issues, band together, and revolt.   A good community manager will be able to use their arsenal of skills to head off any good attack. This week’s chat was also co-piloted by the amazing […]

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Introducing TCM’s Monthly Community Manager Spotlight!

Want to get to know community managers a little bit better?   Are you curious what other CM’s toughest struggles are? What about their favorite resources? Or just want a peek into what their daily work-life is like?  In an effort to offer deeper dives into what Community Managers do to make their communities run so […]

8/3 #Cmgrchat: Community & Advertising

Advertising.  It’s everywhere.  And over the years we’ve had to get more creative about how we advertise online.  As community managers are we immune?  Is advertising part of our responsibility?  Are there interesting ways to advertise to communities that make more sense?   Afterall, community managers are also users so we have a unique view […]

7/27 #Cmgrchat: Community & Social Good

Social good/social capitalism. It all boils down to organizations and corporations furthering a social mission and executing on plans to help others. The following is a thoughtful chat about social efforts, including whom to follow so you can stay up-to-date. It’s not to be missed! 😉 ______ Q1. Besides the obvious, what are the most […]