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#Cmgrchat – 10/26 Optimizing Shareable Content

As community managers we’re usually knee deep in some kind of content.  It could be blog posts, content on social networks, or within bookmarking/community sities like Reddit & Digg.  Either way, we have to make sure that content gets seen and interacted with by our community members.  So the best of the best got together […]

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10/12 – #Cmgrchat Community Contests

One of the best ways to get engagement out of your community is to offer up some form of a contest.  There are hundreds of different ways to do this, and there are obviously best practices at work by some of the best.   However, before you start any contest of any kind, make sure […]

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#Cmgrchat – 9/21: Community Privacy

Privacy restrictions ultimately depend on the type of community and whether or not a community is a part of a regulated industry. In which case, higher privacy standards are mandatory. Although many community managers disagree on privacy policies and communities, most agree on matters of personal privacy and protecting their identities in social networks. What […]

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#Cmgrchat – 9/14: Are You Smothering Your Community?

When managing a community, how do you know how involved to be?   When do you jump in or stay out?  How do you know who are your most influential users?  Even the most experienced of community managers will tell you that it’s all how well you know your community and that there is a […]

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9/7: #Cmgrchat: Community with Google Docs and Gmail

In a special edition of #CmgrChat we had two incredible guests stop by and tell us how they do community at Google.   Teresa Wu, Community Manager for Google Docs and Sarah Price, Community Manager for Gmail, joined us for our one year anniversary of #cmgrchat to talk about how one of the biggest brands […]

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#CmgrChat – 8/31: To Outsource or Not to Outsource?

The idea of outsourcing community manager responsibilities evoked some strong responses in this #CmgrChat. Community Managers are often pulled in a number of directions, which may or may not fall under their actual job descriptions.  The job title has grown to become very broad and encompasses roles like social media, SEO and web analysis. From time to time, […]