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A Special #cmgrchat 2 Year Anniversary Announcement!

Two years.  If you had told me two years ago that I’d be writing this post and going to tell you what I’ll be telling you in a few short paragraphs I probably would have told you you were nuts.  The events that led up to me sitting in this chair typing this, working for […]

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Building Community in Blogger Outreach

Community management is very much about uniting people. It can face inward amongst employees at a company, it can be customer facing as most are known for doing, but it can also be outward facing to bloggers & businesses in your industry. Blogger outreach traditionally is a public relations task, however it is something that […]

Community Management Job Searching

Searching for a job is never an easy task (as we learned about on Friday’s post about finding your first CM gig) and finding a good job is like searching for a needle in a haystack.  In the world of community management where job titles and job descriptions are so wildly inconsistent, where do you […]

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Is a Community Manager a Community Member?

Community Managers have the interesting and unique position in a company of straddling a very thin line that most employees never cross.  Customer Support works with customers, but it’s a very clear line.  Usually the flow of communication is very simple – a customer contacts customer support with an issue.  Then customer support helps that […]

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Blog Comments, Do They Still Matter?

A blog is a place that you own, and you control, as the brand.  You have every right to set the guidelines, create services, and use this space to engage your community.  However, with the meteoric rise in social media use in the past 5-8 years, blog comments seem to have taken a back seat […]

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Useful Conference Preparation Tips

In today’s online heavy world, conferences provide an excellent way to bridge the online / offline gap.  The amount of networking and connections you can make nowadays on social platforms and virtual events is staggering, but that doesn’t replace the quality of meeting someone face to face.  Conferences provide the ability to not only meet […]