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Community Management Books & Their Takeaways

It’s hard to be in any position these days without continuing to develop professionally.  Without actually going back to school, what’s an easy way to do that?  Good ol’ fashioned book learnin’. For the past two years we have been cultivating a list of recommended books from #cmgrchat members and their top choices for excellent […]

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How Credible is Your Community Manager?

The overwhelming majority of community managers out there are self taught and have been teaching themselves for the past 20 years.  There are some rockstar pros out there, but as online communities continue to thrive in places like social media we’ve gotten to the point where “community” needs to be taught just like we teach […]

The Community Manager

The Ins and Outs of Managing a Blog

Managing a blog, wait, strike that. Managing a successful and engaging blog or site could be someone’s full time job.  To pump out the amount of high quality content that’s necessary to span the interwebs, to find new writers, moderate comments, and figure out all of the analytics behind your efforts is no small undertaking.  […]

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The Relationship Between Customer Service & Community Management

When community managers aren’t discussing the difference between a community manager and a social media manager, they’re debating what department community gets housed in. Is it marketing? Is it support? Is it its own department of “community?” The easiest way to answer this question is with another question. What is community? I won’t bore you […]

The Community Manager

New Member Outreach Tactics

User acquisition is traditionally handled by social media managers as well as SEO specialists, inbound marketing, paid lead generation, and excellent product design.  But seeing as how community managers are usually the ones creating content, they play a role in this too.   How are new members found, engaged with, and retained?  The answers below should […]

What Tools do Community Managers Use?

A great community manager knows when, where, and how to find excellent resources of the highest quality. And in 958 tweets in an hour we figured out what the best of the best resources are, and who is using what everyday. Enjoy the list! Q1) What are the tools you can’t live without as a […]