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Community Building at NASA

How NASA Builds Community

In the fall we held a special 2-year anniversary #cmgrchat with special guests from NASA. They manage a significant amount of social media assets and build their community through a variety of online and offline events. Arguably one of the coolest and most progressive organizations out there and we were lucky to have a few members […]

What is a Community Strategist?

What Does a Community Strategist Do?

“So what would you say you do here?”  might just be one of my all time favorite Office Space quotes. And it’s something that goes through my head at least once daily when someone inevitably asks me what I do. Assuming we all know the difference between a social media manager and a community manager, […]

The Community Manager

Community Influence – Online and Off

One of the biggest differences between a Social Media Manager and a Community Manager is the offline component of the day to day jobs.  A Community Manager should know how to find their influential members on the usual social media tools, but they should also know how to find their influential members offline. However, companies […]

The Community Manager

Community Management for Nonprofit Organizations

We so often talk about communities and how they fit into support, content, marketing, pr, etc—but we had never really talked about community for nonprofit organizations. Are their goals and processes different than that of major corporations or start-up companies? We decided to find out. TheCMgr Q1) What does the day to day look like for […]

The Community Manager

Social Media Compliance, Regulation, and Disclosure

As social media increasingly becomes accepted and utilized by brands large and small, the legalities and regulations mustn’t be an after thought. Brands can get themselves into a bit of hot water if the wrong things are said, or if they aren’t transparent enough in their day to day communications whether it’s in their advertising, […]

The Community Manager

How to Manage a Forum Community

Way before Social Media entered the scene, forums were the big kids on campus. Pretty much since the days of the AOL chat room in the 90s to gaming threads & news site message boards, online community management focused on these day to day. This is where online community management was born, and now with […]