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#CmgrChat 6/1 – How to Plan for Summer

From Israel to Australia, the west coast to Chicago to the south, this week’s chat welcomed community managers far and wide. This discussion dives right into summer, from organizing to reading lists. Fun, right? Aside from viewing book recommendations on Hunch, or checking out the #Cmgrchat Reading List, there are some really great recommendations below! […]

#CmgrChat 5/25 – When Too Much Isn’t Enough: Competition & Jealousy

This chat coincided with BlogWorld – Eastern Conference, NY. For myself, BlogWorld was one of the few places where everyone knew what it meant to be a community manager. As one #cmgrchat participant put it, community management can feel “Sisyphean” at times. This digests dives into the competitive nature of the role and what community […]

#CmgrChat 5/18 – SEO, Link Building, & Blogger Outreach

Co-moderators Jenn Pedde and Alexa Scordato clocked 686 tweets at this week’s #cmgrchat. The topic was a hot one: SEO, Linkbuilding, and Blogger Outreach and that certainly brought a lot of visitors, including new grads. In the spirit of the popular “+1” and algorithms –don’t let that word scare you– this digest was done a […]


#CmgrChat 4/20 – Building Community: Twitter

This week’s chat continued our Building Community series and focused on Twitter.  It’s always good to brush up on the basics for you seasoned pros, and great to hear some new ideas from all those using twitter in their various fields. ______ Q1 Is your goal always to increase followers? What other goals/priorities do you […]


#CmgrChat 4/13 – Building Community: Facebook

We’ve had an interesting time trying to put together these digests.  As you may or may not know, is no longer so in creating a digest from the transcript has been nothing short of a task.  Luckily Janet from OneForty suggested RowFeeder and it now creates a google doc of all the tweets.  So […]

#CmgrChat 4/6 – Designing Engagement

Sharing the right content at the right time is a challenge for anyone that uses social media. So is offering the right rewards for people who participate and engage. It all really depends on the community. This week’s #cmgrchat echoes a lot of what Jennita Lopez of SEOmoz recently posted, which is — as CM, you […]