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#cmgrchat returns!

#cmgrchat got its start in September 2010, meaning that we’re in our fifth year of hosting an online Twitter chat. At no point has interest waned, and every week about 50-100 community managers come and send anywhere from 600-1000 tweets in a single hour on the topic of community. It’s been a phenomenal few years! […]

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#CMGRChat Discussions Coming in May

#CMGRChat has been around since September 2010 and that’s pretty much an eternity in the world of Twitter chats! Kelly and I are really excited that people continue to come and discussion topics related to the community industry each week.  The numbers don’t lie either (#cmgrchat numbers courtesy of Keyhole Metrics), over 500 people per […]

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Community Loyalty

My grandfather was one of the most brand loyal people I’ve ever met in my life. He had a well stocked pantry of brands such as Heinz, Downy, and Dial Soap and I never once saw him buy anything outside of the brands he knew and loved. To some extent I find myself the same […]

The Psychology Behind Community Management

When it comes to building community it isn’t all just numbers and social media tools.  There’s an element of knowing how people function, what makes them tick, why they do what they do and why they buy what they buy.  When people join a community and stay in that community they’ve made it part of […]

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The Role of the Community Manager in 2014

We’ve discussed the role of the community manager a few times in #cmgrchat over the years because we love to see how the answers evolve. The first time in 2010 we talk about the job description and community reporting structures. The second time was in 2012 when we chatted about how much social is or […]

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The Definition of Community Management

It seems as though people are always saying there’s no conclusive definition of community management. It is true the definition will vary from start up, to nonprofit, to agencies, and corporations, but regardless of the type of business you find yourself in, there is a very basic clear-cut way to describe community management for everyone. […]