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How Many Community Managers Does it Take?

When we think of Community Management we tend to think of this role as a singular person.  When we started talking about social media a couple of years ago, this made sense.  We were experimenting with the tools and trying to figure out where it fits in our organization.  There weren’t any real models we […]


The Blue Key Campaign – Leaders in Social Good

  One of the things I love about social media is how new information evolves from peaking our interest to having us take action in such a short time span. That evolution can range from seeing a link, reading the article, and then sharing it (taking action) to seeing a cause, reading a little bit, […]

The First #CmgrChat Digest – 9/8/10 (Time Mgmt)

David Spinks put it the best when he said this week: “So many community managers…what took us so damn long to start a twitter chat? It’s like…what we do.” And it’s true – this started as an idea last month and Kelly and I both thought someone somewhere would come out and say, “Don’t worry […]